Bronwin Patrickson and Tom White discuss urban design, video game realism, and 360 video in Nepal

The second conversation in our i-Docs + Immerse climate conversations pairs Bronwin Patrickson, a digital design researcher with a background as a transmedia practitioner, and Tom White, a visual journalist who teaches at Yale-NUS. Both firmly in lockdown and communicating across oceans — Bronwin in Wales and Tom in Singapore…

Lizzie Warren and Michaela French discuss immersive documentary and ecological emergency

In a parallel world, documentary maker Lizzie Warren and artist Michaela French heard each other speak at the i-Docs Symposium in March 2020 in Bristol, UK. They had coffee together in one of the breaks and discovered a range of shared professional interests around creative media practice and environmental issues.

Julia Scott-Stevenson

Researcher, producer, curator of interactive factual media. Co-convenor of @i_Docs. @SW_CTN immersion fellow. Writer.

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